Frequently Asked Questions    (En Español)

Immigration has taken my family member/friend. Where are they?
US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has set up a public internet-based tool to assist in locating detainees, the Online Detainee Locator System (ODLS), at: If you cannot find your relative on the locator, then you can call the local immigration office. The San Antonio Field Office phone number is (210) 283-4750.

Immigration has set a bond on my family member. Where and how can I pay it?
Where -- The Immigration Bond can be paid at any Department of Homeland Security (DHS), ICE office. You can find a list of DHS offices nationwide at:

ICE San Antonio Field Office
3523 Cross Point Drive
San Antonio, TX 78217

Email:​   Phone: (210) 564-2032

How -- Paying the immigration bond:

  • Bring a valid copy of your id. You should be a United States Citizen or a Lawful Permanent Resident.
  • Take the full amount of the bond in the form of a bank check or a US postal money order.

Where is the Immigration Court located in San Antonio?
800 Dolorosa Street, Suite 300

San Antonio, TX 78207

(210) 472-6637

San Antonio (Annex)

106 S. St. Mary's St., Suite 600

San Antonio, TX 78205

​(210) 230-9505

San Antonio Immigration Court (

What is the date, time and location of my court date?
Call 1-800-898-7180 and enter in your alien registration number, also known as your "A" number, and it will tell you the date, time and location of your court date.

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